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Who doesn’t love a theme?!?

From an immaculate beachside retreat filled with nautical stripes, octopus serve ware, and wicker furniture to an 80’s themed Halloween bash filled with fishnets and Aquanet! 

Why not take the excitement of a theme and carry it into your wedding.

One classic and truly elegant wedding theme is 1920’s Gatsby. From the fringe dresses to the gilded gold flatware and crisp white flowers, it’s perfection. 

Let’s dive into this theme and discuss all parts that make up the Gatsby look!

Invitations: When having a theme wedding, it all starts with the invitation. This sets the tone for the event and lets your guests know the theme and overall feel of your wedding.


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Place setting: The gold, black, and white adds a retro glam aura that really sets it apart from your typical wedding place setting. If the plates are too overwhelming for your taste, opt for white plates, maybe with gold accents or rims and opt for gold flatware over silver.
The gold flatware on its own makes a statement.

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Place cards: The black card stock paper adds some drama. The simple border resembles this period with its Art Deco feel. This is a simple and cost effective option for place cards.


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Spice up a cocktail: It is the norm nowadays to have a signature cocktail, but this does not come free of charge. Some caterers will charge $3+ per guest. A way to save some money is to spice up an existing cocktail! Most contracts have a champagne toast included in the package (per head cost). Ask to add some fruit. Blueberries and raspberries are a nice departure from the typical strawberry garnish.

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Dresses: Don’t skimp on the attire! Have your wedding party embrace the theme and look for pieces that are unique and fitting for both the wedding and the specific person wearing it. One mistake many brides make is trying to make their bridesmaids conform to one look. What works on one person’s body type may not work on someone else’s. You want your ladies to have fun and feel good. If not, they will be less likely to enjoy the night and boogie down on the dance floor.

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For the bride: This dress is BREATHTAKING! You’re the bride...do it up….to the one hundredth degree!
Play the part of your theme wedding, while still looking like the bride. Opt for a headpiece over a veil.


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Table décor: The Gatsby theme calls for white florals and greenery. Large elephant ears and bright green leaves shed light on that era.

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As you can see from what I provided, Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration for your themed wedding. You can also look towards bridal magazines, the library, movies, books. There is inspiration all around you, just open your eyes!

xxx, Yvonne 
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Cake/Cupcake Toppers

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Cake/Cupcake Toppers

The ever important cake or cupcake toppers are often a design detail that is left to the last minute. If you are using florals as your topper, you can usually iron out the topper detail with your florist well in advance. However, if you are leaning in a non floral direction, take this opportunity to conceptualize something unique and different. If you don't feel confident enough in your creative ability to take on a large scale DIY project but would still like to create something personal and different for your wedding day, your cake topper is the perfect project that is relatively small and nonthreatening. You can do something as simple as adding glitter to a wood monogram which will sit easily on top of your cake. If you want to get a bit more involved, you can create dozens of paper roses which will not only top your cake, but will also cascade down the sides of the cake. One of our favorites right now is using wire to spell out "We Do" and surrounding the sign with some simple flowers. You can also create a relatively simple bunting banner for the top of your cupcake display. If you are thinking you would like to incorporate some your wedding flowers in the design of your cake topper, think of ways to add to the flowers with some gold glittered cut out hears shapes, or even a rustic wood carving with your first initial + groom's first initial etched directly into the wood carving.

Happy Planning!

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