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Wednesday, 06 May 2020 19:00

8 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding Featured

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In Saratoga, NY we’re fortunate to experience all four seasons throughout the year and while the popular wedding seasons tend to be late spring through early fall, winter holds its own share of advantages! Here’s why you should consider a winter wedding in Saratoga: 


  1.  Because the winter months don’t tend to be as popular as the others, the potential for off-season pricing and special discounts is high. If you’ve always envisioned this magical, over-the-top wedding, it’s very possible that you can achieve this while making less of a dent in your wallet by choosing to have your wedding between mid-November- March. Who can say no to that?!
  2. A lot of times, couples are competing over the same “prime” dates during summer/fall months, which can ultimately cut down on available options. Availability during the winter months doesn’t pose as much competition and will give you the flexibility to run multiple potential dates by your closest family/friends. 
  3. Words like “rain” or “extreme heat” do not generate the same nostalgic feeling that words like “snow” and “holiday” do. By having your wedding during the “most wonderful time of the year” and capitalizing on the inherit spirit that comes with the season, your guests will be able to feel the holiday cheer throughout the entire evening! 
  4.  It can be stressful wondering if outdoor elements of your wedding will or will not take place. In winter, couples generally plan to have the full wedding indoors so there’s no question as to if last minute decisions regarding weather will come about. You’re welcome.
  5.  People can go stir crazy! During the warmer months, everyone’s calendars are so full of vacations and outdoor activities. Come winter, people are looking for things to do! Be sure to plan accordingly around peak holiday travel dates, but then give your guests the “night out” they’ve been waiting for all winter long. 
  6. Comfort food got its name for a reason! Venues will often create seasonal menus featuring the most popular holiday flavors with comforting, warm foods/drinks during the winter months. It’s a great opportunity for you to get creative with your menu selections and to surprise guests with out of the ordinary options to choose from. 
  7. A huge benefit of having a holiday/winter wedding is that most venues are already setup with special seasonal décor and the best part is, it’s FREE! Incorporating the venue décor into your vision can help to eliminate additional decorative costs that can increase exponentially throughout the planning process. 
  8. Last, but certainly not least, is to consider the honeymoon. While it may be cold and snowy in Saratoga, NY it’s usually sunny and warm in popular honeymoon locations. Give yourself the gift of relaxation (and warmth) once all the planning and celebrating is over! 

Saratoga, NY is a growing destination wedding location – any time of year! This advice, along with plenty of additional complimentary services, are available to you by visiting  or Mackenzie at  (518) 584-1531 today!

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