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Photographer (6)

Finding the right photographer for your wedding day can be a huge challenge. We have all heard horror stories of photo shoots that went terribly wrong, of photographers that were obnoxious, or worse yet, didn’t even show up for the wedding!

It may be tempting to give your cousin or sister's best friend a chance to shoot the photography for your wedding, but if you're looking for professional quality wedding photographs, then you should hire a professional.

There are so many things that go into planning your wedding. The venue, the wedding dress, suits, a wedding cake, a catering company, flowers, a band, and about 100 other little and large things to take care of. However, there is one other important thing that you don't want to be cavalier with and that is choosing the right wedding photographer. In fact, this one thing is what will help keep your beautiful wedding alive for years to come by capturing those memories.

Winter Weddings have become very popular lately and what is not to love?

A blanket of fresh snow, bouquets with evergreens, rich fabrics and furs… all sumptuous and romantic! But planning the day in terms of your wedding photos presents some unique challenges. Fear not, we have you covered. Below are some of our best tips and tricks to make sure you get beautiful photos with the least amount of stress.