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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 14:57

Buffet or Plated Dinner?

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Buffet or plate dinner? That is the question. The decision depends on your vision for your big day, and each choice has its own pros and cons. However, we have been told that Buffets are the best meal choice for all weddings. Why? Let's explore that!

Let’s break down 5 Reasons Why We Love A Good Buffet Style Meal At A Wedding:

There's More Room For Personalization

When you opt for a wedding buffet, you're not limiting yourself to the standard choices. In fact, you have the leeway to add many more personalized, unique options, such as an action station where guests select a custom-made pasta dish or make their own mashed potato combinations. Even if you don't choose to go for these additional attended options, you're still getting to serve a combination of your favorite foods; an option you don't have when you're picking one or two plated meals!

Buffets Are Faster.

When you make all of the wedding menu available via a buffet, instead of serving each course one-by-one, you could be saving everyone's time and allowing them to get to that tasty marsala sooner than they may get it with a plated dinner. Also you are getting everyone up and standing in line, which I am sure sounds bad, but this way everyone is able to enjoy the meal while continuing to mix and mingle. Less wait time in the chow line means the guests will have much more time to hit the dance floor!

They Are Less Expensive

Budgeting is most likely your first priority with your wedding and wedding buffets are the perfect choice in this regard. This is because buffets can be less costly than a formal dinner. The food stations need only a few members of your catering team because the guests are serving themselves. Instead of a full waiting staff you can just make do easily with a small team which means less cha-ching. The budget savings you make here can be used to make room for items that weren't in your menu, or reallocated to other parts of the wedding.

They May Better Reflect Your Wedding Style

Your wedding is likely to have a theme of its own and a buffet can fall in sync with this theme. This is especially the case if you're looking for a more informal, intimate reception. When a multi-course meal doesn't sit with your theme, or you just want the guests to get up and hit the dance floor as soon as possible; a buffet is a better fit for your wedding.

Everyone Can Eat What He Or She Likes!

Who doesn't like more choices?! Your guests are more likely to leave happy and satiated when you opt for the wedding buffet. Whether you fill your buffet with brunch foods, comfort foods, or traditional favorites, you still get to be innovative with your menu and make your guests happy. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved. Plus we really happen to like buffets, and not just at weddings.

So as we said, we have been told that Buffets are the best meal choice for ALL weddings. Prove us wrong? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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