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What Could Go Wrong If You Don’t Hire A Wedding Planner! Featured

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You both have rings and now it’s time to plan the wedding. You, your spouse-to-be, and Brenda, the wedding planner. Well, her name doesn’t HAVE to be Brenda, but have you ever met a wedding planner that WASN’T named Brenda? Of course, you could try planning the wedding yourself, but all kinds of things could go wrong if you try to do it yourself.

You Don’t Even KNOW Stress

You thought you’ve experienced stress in your life? You’ve gone through school, you’re working through a career, you’re trying to work your way out of debt, but if you think you’ve experienced stress, then you clearly have not tried planning a wedding. Fortunately, this statement is not without merit. Almost 80% of couples who have tried to plan their wedding have equated the stress of planning a wedding as worse than other life events. Some even get so stressed out that they completely forget that the whole point is that they’re getting to marry the love of their life. Stress can do a lot to our bodies. Stress can cause us to age prematurely. That means, by the time the wedding comes around, your long blonde luscious hair will be gray and you’ll pretty much look like what Rapunzel’s evil adopted mother was trying to avoid looking like.

Do You Even Have The Time?

With family, friends, work, and whatever else is taking your time, do you REALLY have the time to sit down and do your own wedding planning? You didn’t even have the time to do your high school or college assignments until the very last minute. That wasn’t because of your poor planning skills, right? That was because you were legitimately busy with other important projects and totally not spending all your time scrolling through Facebook, sleeping, partying, or playing video games. Anyway, now that you have absolutely no free time anymore, you now have to try to plan an entire wedding with what little free time you have? You can’t give up eating, you can’t give up sleeping, you can’t give up working. The only time you could possibly try cutting down to fit in time to the wedding plan is your time on the toilet, but that’s taking time away from watching cat videos on the internet and that time is just too precious to sacrifice.

Do You Even Know Who You Should Know?

Brenda, the wedding planner, already knows people. She has the kind of connections that would make the mafia jealous. She already knows people. She knows florists, she knows photographers, and she knows various vendors that can make your wedding day go from a backyard barbeque to Ross and Rachel really quick. Imagine trying to do all of these things yourself? You can’t even find it in you to correct the order at a McDonald’s when they give you a burger instead of a chicken sandwich. Imagine trying to plan a wedding and some guy shows up with one of those old disposable cameras that you had to wind the film for, and he tells you that he’s the photographer. The day of the wedding reception happens, and you find out the guy who was supposed to prepare your five-course meal was actually some guy who works at a Taco Bell and has no idea how to even make tacos. Congratulations, your wedding is going to have some crunchy tacos that break when you breathe in their general direction.

All of this could have been avoided if you just hired a wedding planner. Remember, Brenda.


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