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Wednesday, 15 April 2020 15:00

Pick the Perfect Song

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What will your first dance as a newlywed couple be? Will you go 1980's love ballad or something more classic like Sinatra? The ideal wedding song(s) can make a big impact on the moments you share with your new spouse on your most special of days. It sets the tone for the day, reflects you and your partner's taste, and eventually becomes a memory you'll cherish forever! I mean there may even be a video of it, this song becomes the soundtrack to your life!!!

For some couples the choice is obvious and there is no need for debate. For others though the choice is not so simple. It is for the latter not the former that we came up with these three criteria for picking the song that will be played during your first dance.

Find Your Personality

Who are you as a couple? Are you fun, weird, old fashioned, or maybe a little bit country? The first thing you have to check out is the kind of personality you want in a song. The song you select has to come through with the kind of person you and your spouse are, as well as the mood you want your wedding to have. That’s where the second point comes in.

Fit the Mood

You really do want to use the music to set the mood and no better way than with your first dance. Use the song choice here to fit the mood you want at your wedding. Your wedding mood might be serene or extravagant, maybe it’s themed, or maybe you just love 90’s hip hop and want everyone on the dance floor having a great time all night. Your first dance is an opportunity to set the stage for the rest of the evening.

Sample Lots of Music

Finally, when you have the personality and mood down, you need to go through a lot of different music to find exactly what you need. Sample a ton of music, and find what you think will give your wedding the environment it needs. Don’t settle on the first song that sounds ok, listen to music until you are sure!

If you are working with a DJ or band sit down with them and get their input. The band may need to learn a specific song or change the way they play a certain song.


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