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Band or DJ?

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Your wedding is a celebration of your love with the person of your dreams. It is a magical day and of course, no wedding reception would be complete without music. Along with this is one of the most controversial topics of all time: Band or DJ?

Now, you could always forgo this timeless quandary and put a stereo in the corner of the wedding venue, not recommended. I mean at that point you could switch out the shiny silverware and go with plastic forks. Instead of wedding plates, you could go with those squeaky styrofoam plates they use at backyard barbecues. You know the ones, they can barely hold a spoonful of beans.. Instead of tables, you can just have chairs where people struggle to eat because there’s nowhere to put the plate. Actually let’s skip the chairs too. Ok I know, a little dramatic, but this argument has been going on as long as there have been DJ’s. If you’re planning on having an actual wedding reception then you are going to get pulled into this never ending story. Let’s go Atreyu.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Wedding DJ

There are a couple of pros with going to a wedding DJ. Just to be clear, DJ, in this case, is short for “disc jockey” and not some guy named DJ. If you know a guy/girl named DJ and they are at your wedding please get a photo on instagram #weddingdj. Anyway, one of the pros of having an actual wedding DJ is that in many cases they are less expensive than a live band. That’s obvious because you’re just hiring one person and their equipment instead of five people and all their instruments. This means you can afford to allocate money elsewhere for your wedding reception.

Another pro of hiring a wedding DJ is they could play a wider variety of music. Of course, they’re not the ones actually singing the music. If they could, they wouldn’t be spinning discs making part-time money while renting out someone’s basement. You won’t just have one singer covering a song. You will have a list of music you can choose from after consultation with the DJ, or at least they’ll know the general theme of your wedding. A con of the wedding DJ is, they can’t just sit there and spin discs with a blank expression. They have to put a little life into their performance. However, if you’re looking for a performance, then you might want to look into hiring a wedding band.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Wedding Band

Bands normally have a little more personality. They can really wow your crowd with impressive performances and let’s face it, is there anything better than live music? Even if you have guests that aren’t dancers, they can still sit at the table and enjoy the music while doing the weird seated clap dance. Hiring a really good band can make the wedding a little more memorable, not that you need it, I am sure yours will be memorable.Just saying a good live band really makes an impact. Of course, as we said before the big drawback is that they don’t have the variety that a DJ has. You can’t go from slow dance Frank Sinatra to back breaking Biggie Smalls. Well, I should say most can’t. I have seen some talented acts locally that can do just that! Perhaps the biggest con with going for live music is that they can be expensive! Yes, you’re going to be dishing out a healthy chunk of change for most live bands.

So I am not sure we settled any debate here. You probably have more questions than answers. In most cases it will probably come down to personal taste and availability of the talent you want at your wedding. Book them soon!


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