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Top Reasons for Planning a Winter Wedding Featured

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The winters are known to be the lonely season of the year. Your friends are dreading being single, and the chilly weather is making everyone more and more gloomy. Well, why not give them something to look forward to in the colder months!

When you choose to have your wedding in the winter, you're already setting it apart from other weddings throughout the year. The entire wedding, from reception to ceremony, is sure to make a strong impression merely because it's different from all of the summer/spring weddings everyone usually attends! Additionally, we feel winter weddings just happen to present a larger range of options when it comes to major decisions. If that isn't incentive enough to opt for a Winter Wedding - we're here to give you even more reasons!

Here are our Saratoga Bride Top Reasons for Planning a Winter Wedding :

All Kinds of Dresses

Your wedding dress is the one thing you've envisioned over and over again and winter weddings can make for great fashion ideas. Limits placed on dresses during warmer months are removed and you'll have even more diverse choices! Since you are probably not going to sweat in the cold you can try out all kinds of dresses, jackets, and accessories. This also gives you more options when it comes to the fabric and silhouette of the dress. Now, we're not saying these options don't exist with a summer wedding. We are just saying you may be more comfortable in some of these options now that the temp is down below 40 degrees.

Serene Environment

The backdrop of your wedding is incredibly crucial to the whole event, especially for photos. The serene environment offered by winter weddings can offer something that other weddings simply cannot have: A bride in white with a snowy landscape in the background. Two thumbs up from the team at


The wedding menu is such an important part of your wedding day and it matters even more to your guests! In the summer you may be limited by foods because of the heat, but with a winter wedding you have a more expansive menu to choose from. Food that might be too heavy for the summers are now on the menu!

Lots of Dates to Choose From

Choosing the wedding date is always a tough decision. Your best friend is going on a delegation, your Uncle Joe has his dialysis, your partner prefers a weekday! Thankfully, the date choices are a little more wide open in the winter. This is because winters do not get much attention when it comes to weddings. This allows you to explore a large number of free slots, and book the best venue for yourself because most of them are freer than they would be all year. It's a win-win for the guests and yourself alike!

Certain times during the winter season can put you right in the middle of winter breaks and vacations that makes “the day of” more accessible to your guests. With a winter wedding, you'll have more leeway to invite people who might be too busy at other times of the year. Just plan your wedding day to be held on one of the many winter breaks or winter vacation days.

There you have it. Some of but not all of the reasons we love Winter Weddings. Looks like we are not the only ones either, check out this article by folks over at Discover Saratoga.


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