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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 01:35

Should I Wear My Hair Up or Down for My Wedding Featured

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It's a question almost every bride has asked herself a few hundred times or at least has been asked by a few hundred  of her friends, co workers, and family, and most often, everyone has an opinion. So how does a bride make the right choice FOR HER?  Well, here at, we are going to set out to help our brides break it down and make the best decision for their big day.


    1. First off, I always ask my brides, how does your fiance like your hair, up or down? I also ask them to imagine that moment when he sees you on your wedding day for the first time, either coming down the aisle, or at your first look.  
    2. What about the neckline of the dress? What would work best? Do you have a fancy beaded back that needs to be seen? Do you have beading that your hair will get caught on? Perhaps a V- neck that allows your hair to fall down the back or across your shoulders and create understated elegance?  Does it have a boho feel that calls for pulled apart braids framing the crown of your head with flowers, or a high neck dress that requires a high updo? A great idea is to have a hair trial and then go try on your dress or at least something with a similar neckline afterwards.
    3. When are you getting married? Is it the middle of August or late fall? Are you worried about your curls frizzing?  Make sure that your hairstylist finishes your style with an anti-humidity spray. They really do work! The Team at Make Me Fab never goes to a wedding prep suite without Humidity RX by Colorproof, and bonus; it smells like the beach! 
    4. One of my best suggestions is to always try an up style and a down style at your trial session.  Take photos of every angle and wear your favorite one for a few hours and see how it feels.  Go try on your dress or get dressed up and head out for the evening and see how your style wears for the night. Then reconnect with your stylist to report any feedback or changes you would like for the wedding day. 
    5. Still can't decide? Why not have both! Yup, you can, and I have seen it go both ways. Down for the first look and ceremony, and then up off your neck for the celebration and dancing. I've also seen brides wear it up and more formal for the ceremony and then down and more casual for the reception. It usually takes a good hairstylist less than a half an hour in between the ceremony and the reception to do a quick change. There will be an extra charge for this royal treatment, so evaluate that before making your final decision to hire your stylist to return to restyle you.


In the end, a lot of people will probably share their opinion of your wedding day hairstyle, but ultimately you should do what makes you feel the most beautiful and most comfortable. Remember it's your day!


Written by contributing writer, Alayne Curtiss.

Alayne owns Make Me Fab Salon, Spa, and Bridal in Saratoga Springs. You can learn more about Alayne at


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