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Wednesday, 02 March 2022 16:42

Styled by Lily Saratoga

According to industry projections, the number of weddings in 2022 is going to set a record high. Lily Saratoga, a well-established bridal boutique in Saratoga Springs, has responded to this surge by opening a sister location, Styled by Lily Saratoga. 

Are you sick of seeing weight targeted ads with diets, exercise programs, and products making promises that they likely cannot keep? So is Danielle Munn RDN, CDN, the owner of the Upstate Wedding Dietitian. She started her virtual practice in 2021 after being a bride herself. She felt the pressures first hand that so many others face to lose weight and look a certain way. 


We’ve compiled a cheat sheet on everything you need to know to get perfect wedding day skin!

1. See a professional 10 to 12 months before your big day to figure out exactly what your skin needs. If you don’t routinely get facials, then find a licensed esthetician with a lot of experience and a great reputation to evaluate your skin and discuss options. Good skin therapy takes knowledge and expertise. There are definitely things you can (and should) do for maintenance at home, but ask for a little guidance because doing the wrong things can cause redness, irritation, or worse ... scarring.

2. Eat Super Foods. All skin types- oily, dry, normal or a combo— crave water and oil. Yes, healthy fats are essential for glowing skin. Avocado, almonds and oily fish are a great place to start. Snack on naturally hydrating foods like
watermelon and cucumber.

3. Avoid foods that are known to cause irritation or allergies. Dairy has been shown to cause tummy issues and breakouts as well. Spicy foods can turn skin that tends to be red into a blotchy mess that can take weeks to calm.

4. Start taking baths. Most brides forget about taking baths vs showers. Add a bath to your weekly routine and throw in bath salts with sodium bicarbonate. This will break down dry, dead skin and leave your skin glowing and supple.

5. Wear SPF on your lips too! It's easier to prevent your lips from getting chapped than it is to repair them if they're already dry and cracked from too much sun and wind or from sitting in a dry, climate-controlled office all day. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week. You can mix raw coco butter with a little sugar to form a paste and gently scrub away dead, flaky skin. Follow up with a natural lip balm and you’ll have supple lips all year long.

6. Use product… Peels, microdermabrasion and melanin restricting home products to help greatly reduce or eliminate sun damaged spots on your face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Peels are designed to slough off dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface. To make the most of these treatments, you need to book a series of peels at least six months in advance.

7. Ladies – no tan lines please. Tan lines do not photograph well, and they are a nightmare for your makeup artist to cover. Enough said.

8. Try out specialized services months in advance. Lash extensions? 3 months in advance. Dermal filler? 6 months in advance. Botox or other neuro toxins? 3 to 9 months in advance so those expression lines have time to soften.

9. Keep your hands away from your skin and don’t pick. Most people pick. I see it every day. I get at least one phone call a week from someone going into compulsive pick mode and now their skin is a wreak. Please leave it to us...we will help you and won’t cause scars in the process.

10. Find a professional that listens to your wants and needs. We are out here and truly wanting to help you achieve your best skin ever!

“I wasn’t in Stylist mode on my wedding day. I was relaxed, trying to enjoy the morning. Then the nerves set in! When I am working on a wedding, I am always in-the-zone, ready to make everything perfect for my bride.

I will do anything to make her stress free. For me, my maid and matron of honor made that possible.

It didn't set in that I was the bride and it was my wedding day until the photographer showed up. Then it got very real - getting in the dress was when I got emotional!"

“In terms of how I am now with my brides at work, it made me so different! It made me more sensitive to my bride's needs and their anxiety levels. I will listen to her concerns and insecurities a little more carefully. I know now it is more about their jitters and not my ability as an artist. It’s the over thinking... from family drama, to wrinkles in the dress, to things not going 100% as planned.

But hopefully as an artist and recent bride, I can give my advice and care to make her look and feel perfect on her special day!

“It's the little things that I realized mattered on your wedding day. Like having a personal touch up kit with extra things you may need.

I now appreciate those special touches we provide to our brides that make the day go that much easier.

I've always been a timely person and I realized how much it matters for our team to always run a little early. It keeps the vibe of the morning so much more calm, relaxed and stress free!

“On my wedding day, we luckily were running a little early, so when my bridal party dressed me for the day, I felt so relaxed and happy! I was so excited for my first look, which every bride should do and couldn’t wait to show my mom and dad my beautiful self!”

Vendors for Angela and John’s Wedding:

Venue:  Saratoga Lake Golf Course

Church:  Christ Episcopal in Ballston Spa

Hair & Makeup Artist: True Beauty Company

Dress:  Sue Small

Desserts: Two Birds

Entertainment:  Mark Hersh

Flowers: Dehn’s Flowers

Long Sleeve Crepe Romper
Be effortlessly stylish in this long sleeve crepe romper. It features an A-line skirt with a slit to reveal shorts underneath. by Lillian West. #66120

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It's a question almost every bride has asked herself a few hundred times or at least has been asked by a few hundred  of her friends, co workers, and family, and most often, everyone has an opinion. So how does a bride make the right choice FOR HER?  Well, here at, we are going to set out to help our brides break it down and make the best decision for their big day.

Why Bridal Boudoir is a popular pre-wedding treat for the bride and groom!

By Chris Connelly

Intimate Portraiture: Boudoir for the bride to be.

There’s a lot of lore out there about what it’s like to find The Dress, and we’ve found over the years that it puts a lot of pressure on the bride to feel, look, or act a certain way when dress shopping. You’ve probably already experienced some of these myths and legends yourself: Friends whose rose-colored-rear-view is full of tearful moments and everyone agreeing that yes, this one is definitely The Dress. Aunts who recall sighting their dress on the rack and knowing instantly that it was The One. MOHs who found a sample dress that fit them perfectly for 75% off two months before their wedding. And then, of course, the TV shows… you know the one.

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, then you’ve probably been busy making all of the important decisions for the ceremony. From the overarching style to the table cloths to the wedding flowers, the list really does go on and on. But as one of the most important pieces of your wedding, it’s often difficult to choose the right flowers. Not only do you need to decide which type(s) you prefer, but you’ll also need to search for the best price that fits within your budget. While it may take you a few tries to find the right wedding flowers for your big day, it’s not impossible with a little help.

While many may see the physical differences between engagement rings and wedding bands, there are a lot more that can’t be seen. Sure, they are bought and worn at different times making them distinct, but what about the unique meaning behind each? Before you propose to the love of your life, it’s important to know all of the top differences between the two to create the perfect engagement ring and wedding band set.

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