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Tuesday, 17 August 2021 19:03

Twin Dahlias Featured

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When it comes to business revenue to keep a company afloat and ecological sustainability - it is usually the case that a sacrifice for one or the other must be made. With the Twin Dahlias flower company this sacrifice is not an option. 

Identical twins Morgan and Taylor who grew up right here in the Capital Region started Twin Dahlias in 2019 as a way to reconnect with nature and continue their family’s agricultural history. After both getting married themselves and falling in love with wedding florals and the impact of bringing natural beauty to a space, they found that flower farming was the perfect medium for that reconnection with nature and the continuation of their family’s agricultural history.

Twin Dahlias’ three main streams of business come from wedding floral design, retail, and their unique service of a flower subscription. Many of the couples who are attracted to their eco-friendly mission are as akin to nature as they are. Which allows for a fun and collaborative decorating experience focused on color palette and textures as opposed to flower type, or floral recipe. This allows the twins wiggle room to pick and choose what they see most fit and utilize what is most beautiful at the time of the event. 

Their flower subscription is a unique service as well, providing subscribers with a monthly array of flower bunches to use however they please. This is also quite fun for Morgan and Taylor for they get to see their product which they grew, and sourced so carefully, utilized in unique ways by all kinds of different people. 

Being that the market for floral design and distribution is a hot bed of many different companies, especially in a popular wedding destination like Saratoga Springs, the twins distinguish themselves from other companies on the market with their sustainable, eco-friendly mission. Twin Dahlia maintains this mission by almost exclusively sourcing locally grown flowers. The twins grow their own flowers on a small-scale flower farm and if any additional product is required for a sale or wedding, they source product from an array of great, local flower farms. They have found that local flowers seem to be much fresher, longer lasting and more beautiful than imported flowers. Additionally, flowers imported from other countries are typically grown and curated with harsh chemicals and transported long distances generating both shipping and packaging waste. They also use eco-conscious and reusable design mechanics which are one hundred percent foam free.

The twins’ enthralling business model can be great for those who like to stay conscious about their effect on the environment, but working with them can also be a fantastic learning experience for those originally attracted to them for the mere aesthetics of the product. Along with every other small business, 2020 has brought them many challenges being that weddings, for the most part have been prohibited due to COVID restrictions. As things start to look up pertaining to the pandemic, the twins have many weddings booked for the spring  and also plan on expanding their online store, subscription services and retail sales if those weddings end up getting delayed. Either way you can plan on seeing much more of the Twin Dahlias company whether it be in local stores, in your social feed, or a friend’s wedding. 

Photos by Jaci Berkopec Photography, Hannah Rosie Photography, & Kaltz Photography

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