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Congratulations on planning your “I DO!”

A solo violinist exudes sophistication, romance, and excitement.

The Lake George Area offers a wide variety of unique venues, attractions, and amenities, from historical outdoor and waterfront spaces to classic ballrooms and rustic barns. There’s a venue for everyone set somewhere within the beauty that encompasses the Lake George Area.

Live plants and flowers add a special kind of magic to your wedding day but even a simple bouquet can cause major sticker shock. 

Sarah Osborne, owner of Everwood Flowers, has eight years of floral design experience and is well-versed in how to help you stretch your budget while still sticking to your unique vision. 

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 19:31

Signature Wedding Cocktails

A trend growing in popularity is the signature wedding cocktail and it is easy to see why! By having their own special drink, a wedding couple can add an element of fun as well as personalize their celebration even more. 

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 19:27

How to Put Your Love into Words

Most people will list public speaking as being among their biggest fears, so the thought of expressing their deepest feelings in front of a room full of family and friends on their wedding day feels down right terrifying. 

Yet, more couples are doing just that with the help of people like Maria Pelton. Maria is a certified non-denominational minister and the Director of Ceremony Services at Carissa Ceremonies, which was started by her sister, Jessica Rowell, fifteen years ago. 

“We come from a long line of entrepreneurs, and we love talking to people, being with people, and are natural presenters,” said Maria. She is now Carissa Ceremonies lead officiant (Jessica has gone on to pursue other interests) and has made it her business to ensure your wedding is tailored to your unique vision. 

“I write all the ceremonies from scratch. They’re never cookie cutter.” 


The Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge is a comfortable place where neighbors gather together. Now, the home-cooked goodness of food prepared by Maura Pulver and her team is being added to the menu. 

Gary Stevens, the Saratoga-Wilton Elks Lodge’s long-time caterer and owner of Waterford Banquets and Catering, will be transitioning into retirement and Maura Pulver will take over as his replacement. 

“It’s a natural progression from where I was already going,” said Maura. “Every skill set I have has been leading me towards here. This is right where I need to be.”


Get More & Spend Less 

Scientists have perfected the process of growing diamonds and it’s going to save you a fortune!

Floral design is constantly in a state of growth and has come a long way from its early periods. 

In 1910, when The Posie Peddler first sprouted up in Saratoga (it was called Schrade’s Flowers back then) flower arrangements were inspired by the remnants of the Victorian period and the curves of the Art Nouveau style. As America changed, The Posie Peddler, and the arrangements emerging from within it, did too.

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