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Everyone has a story, this is ours.


How did you meet? We met on an online dating app. 


Who proposed to who? I (Emily) proposed to Caroline. I enlisted the help of my roommate who helped to set up my apartment while we went on a picnic. Rose pedals, candles, the works. We had been dating less than a year at that point but when you know, you know. 


When is the wedding? June 12th 2021 at Lakota’s Farm. We actually had to move pretty quickly and speed up our timeline for decisions because everyone that had to move their 2020 dates to 2021. It really was making it challenging. Plus because of the pandemic we were not able to meet with anyone so we had to do a lot over zoom. 


Give us some of the details!:

Venue: Lakota’s Farm

Wedding Photographer: Kristen Renee Photography

Engagement Photographer: Casey Lafountain

Caterer: Nicole’s Catering 

Dress for Emily: Still looking! Considering dresses from Lily Saratoga and from Something Bleu Bridal 

Dress for Caroline: Still looking as well but is leaning towards a pant suit perhaps with a detachable skirt. 

DJ or Band?: We went for the DJ, DJ Big Reg our of Rochester, he is a family friend. 

Flowers: Still deciding! 


Cover photo and photo gallery by Casey Lafountain


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