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Laura Barton & Michael Barton

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Our Story:

A few short months after I moved to Boston, I joined a co-ed soccer team named "Victorious Secret" where I met my husband Mike. He says he was instantly charmed by me and I say I couldn't take my eyes off his flashy foot skills. Neither of us knew what this fateful day would be "kicking off."

A couple of weeks after that first game, he invited me to his St. Patrick's Day Parade party, which is a very big tradition in Boston. Little did I know the party would conveniently consist of only 2 people...seemed fishy! The party started with some traditional Irish car bombs and ended with Mike asking me out on our first date! From then on, he continued to court me with his quirky sense of humor and adventurous spirit. We spent the next few years making unforgettable memories exploring New England and traveling around the world together.

He proposed to me on a weekend getaway to Burlington, VT in July 2018 with our loveable dog, Zoey, and my best friend and her husband. After dinner, we walked along the beautiful Burlington waterfront at sunset and when my best friend asked if she could take a photo of us along the sunset waterfront, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and he was met with a happy, tearful "yes!"

Fast forward 13 months, we were married at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Albany, NY and had our reception at The State Room on September 7th, 2019. I always knew I wanted to be married in a church and we were drawn to St. Peter's Episcopal Church because of its gorgeous architecture and it is the church my father often visited when he worked in downtown Albany. The State Room is conveniently located across the street and when we saw the venue and met with the staff (Eric, Tara, & Tom) we knew it was the perfect place for us with its gorgeous ballroom and unique architectural features-it preserved its previous elements of when it used to be a savings bank.

For our wedding, we chose September because it is our favorite month of the year as the summer transitions into the fall. We were incredibly lucky that we had a gorgeous sunny day in the 70s. It was important to us to incorporate as many personal touches as possible into our wedding. One of our favorite things to do together is travel, so for our seating chart, we did a world map and each table was named by a location we had traveled together. And our table numbers at each table featured a different framed photo of us at each location. Our signature drinks were a Moscow Mule-our first drink we had together on our first date and a Caramel Apple Bellini-a drink we love to make for our friends every fall. Our wedding favors were macarons, our favorite treat! And we loved incorporating a dog biscuit bar in honor of our dog, Zoey and her furry pals who couldn't make it to the pawty! Ending the night with a sparkler send-off was a wonderful way to end our perfect day. It was like a fairytale. We are so thankful to our vendors who helped bring our dream wedding vision to life!

The Details:

wedding date : September 7, 2019

ceremony location: St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Albany, NY

reception: The State Room in Albany, NY

photographer: Bryer Photography-Heather & Jason

stationery: RSVP Hingham

videographer: Ebabil Film

event decorator : The State Room

wedding gown: Flair Boston

tuxedo & grooms’ clothing: Men's Warehouse

rings: Long's Jewelers

flowers: Ambiance Florals-Michele Peters

wedding planner: Eric Stewart & Tara Cometti

hair & makeup:: Krystal Rose Studio

caterer: The State Room

cake: Coccadotts

dj: Hollister Entertainment

first dance "Speechless" by Dan & Shay

photobooth: Bryer Photography

honeymoon: Maui, Hawaii and Kauai, Hawaii

Day of Details-ceremony booklet, seating chart, menu cards: Hirokawa Design Company

Favors: Maca Boston

Dog Biscuit:  Bar-Bella & Lindy's Saratoga Pet Boutique

Welcome Bags: Saratoga Candy Company

advice to pass along... On the day of your wedding, don't stress over all the little details and try to soak in every moment since it goes by so fast. It is an incredible feeling to have everyone who loves and supports you all together for the first time ever. Don't forget to have some private moments as a couple because it is your relationship and commitment to one another that made this day possible. Some of our favorite memories of the wedding were private moments together to reflect on how grateful and lucky we are to have found each other.

Friday, 13 November 2020 18:27

Kaleigh & Jason Petralia

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Our Story:

Jason and I met many years ago, casually chatting here and there but nothing major. Then one day something just felt different between us. As we tried to explore what this was, it was difficult for us to accept what we were feeling. With so many differences between us, surely this could not be right. Once we finally stopped fighting it and trying to deny our true feelings an undeniable bond was formed. We became best friends, true loves, and soul mates.

I never thought I would get married, not that I was against it, I just didn't see marriage as something that solidified a relationship. Then one day in our kitchen, when I turned around and saw Jason down on one knee, with Jason's son AJ standing nearby, I knew immediately I wanted to marry him and have these wonderful boys in my life forever.

Saratoga was the only option for our wedding, we both were born and raised here. With so many beautiful locations and endless possibilities, it is easily the most magical place to have a wedding. Our friends own a farm and kindly let us use it as our venue. With the sun setting during cocktail hour and all the candles twinkling upon entering the reception tent, it was nothing short of a dream come true!

The Details:

wedding date : September 21, 2019

ceremony and reception location: The Bovee Family Farm (Charlton)

photographer: Niki Rossi Photography

stationery: Zazzle and Paper Dolls of Saratoga

Officiant: The Reverend Joy Burke

event decorator : The bride and groom!

wedding gown: RK Bridal NYC

tuxedo: Mr. Formal Wear

rings: Cartier (groom) and NYC Wholesale Diamonds (bride)

flowers: Dehn’s Flowers 

hair & makeup:: Kassie at Rumors Salon and Spa (Latham)

caterer: Lily and the Rose

cake: The Cupcakecakery

dj: Platinum Entertainment, DJ Eric Cooper

first dance "Die a Happy May," Thomas Rhett

honeymoon: The Bahamas

miscellaneous: Rain or Shine Tent Company, napkins/place cards holders - Etsy

special touches... Jason's son AJ walked me down the aisle, this wedding was the joining of the 3 of us so it meant a lot to me to include him as much as possible and have an important role. Jason made a beautiful speech that mentioned those who were not able to join us on our special day (his Dad and a guests mother both recently passed away).

advice to pass along... Trust your heart and do what YOU want to do. This is YOUR day, you do everything the way you want to do it, it is all about YOU today (maybe the groom too, but just a little bit). Enjoy every single moment, from the little ones to the big, from the planning to the big day, it really will be over in a blink of an eye!

Friday, 13 November 2020 17:58

Carley & Nicholas Cerone

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Our Story:

Nick and I went to elementary school together, but it wasn’t until we were put in the same eighth grade English class that we started to like each other. My childhood home was next to the YMCA, so Nick would ride his bike over, and we would meet there. Years later in our senior year of high school, we started dating. We talked about getting married, and the future - but we were so young that it seemed like a lifetime away. When college came, we decided that if our relationship was meant to be, we would get back together in the future. Four years of undergrad and months later, we went out with some friends as a group, reconnected and the rest was history. We started dating (again) as adults (ha!), moved up to Saratoga together, and five years later we got engaged!

When it came time to pick the venue, we knew we wanted to get married somewhere in Saratoga or Lake George. So, we started researching, and Nick stumbled on the Inn at Erlowest. We laughed when we realized how close it was to my family camp on the lake, drove by the sign a million times, and never knew what a hidden gem it was. However, it ended up being exactly what we pictured. Our wedding day turned out to be a beautiful sunny September day! I got to marry the love of my life, with all our favorite people - at a place we love!

The Details:

wedding date : September 13, 2019

ceremony location: The Inn at Erlowest

reception location: The Inn at Erlowest

photographer: JB Photography

event decorator : The Inn at Erlowest

wedding gown: Angela’s Bridal

bridesmaids' dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

tuxedo and groomsmen clothing: JoS. A. Bank

rings: Glennpeter Jewelers

flowers: Dehn’s Flowers & Greenhouses, Inc and Petal Pusher

hair: Premier Hair Lounge

makeup: Bar Beauty - A Julie Occhino Salon

cake: Cider Belly and Kathy’s Kupcakes

dj: Conway Entertainment

first dance "Do You Remember" - Jack Johnson

honeymoon: TBD

guestbook paddle - Love is in New York

rehearsal dinner at the Inn at Erlowest: Charlton Tavern (The Maloney’s)

advice to pass along... Don’t worry about the time. You have people there whose jobs are to keep you on schedule. Once your timeline is established, enjoy your day.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 15:47

Beating the Odds, Love Conquers All

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“I wouldn’t change my journey for anything.”

In 2015, when Jessica Wood was leaving Saratoga for Ithaca, her family friend said she should give Brant Gawrys a call when she got there – but she didn’t.

Instead, Jess and Brant met when she was working as an Athletic Trainer at Cornell University. Brant also worked in the athletic department and two weeks later, they had their first date.

“We had an immediate connection,” said Jess.

A Beyond Bumpy Beginning

During the first six months of their relationship, Brant was experiencing headaches and neck pain that kept getting progressively worse.

Finally, it was discovered that Brant had a brain tumor.

“It was an emotional roller coaster but it strengthened our relationship. At the time I asked the question, ‘Why did this have to happen?’ Our relationship was so young, and I was just getting to know him. When you have this huge obstacle occur, you really see someone as their true self,” said Jess.

Further Down the Road

After several trips back and forth to Pittsburgh, Brant’s brain tumor was removed. A couple of months of recovery time followed.

“There were super big ups and downs. I just wanted him to be healthy.” said Jess.

About a year later, Jessica started experiencing bouts of fatigue. Chalking it up to stress and working too much, she later learned a rare heart condition she’d had since birth, Tetralogy of Fallot, had impacted her heart valves to the point that in March 2017, she had to have open heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.

It was Brant’s attentive care that gave Jess time to heal.

“He totally did anything and everything so I could recover,” said Jess.

Once she did, the couple moved to Rhode Island so Jess could pursue a degree from Johnson and Wales University to become a physician’s assistant.

An Intimate Engagement

In the summer of 2018, during a whirlwind camping trip to Zion National Park, Brant and Jess traversed the awe-inspiring Angel’s Landing rocks before walking onto the Western Trail.

Jess turned toward the canyon for a picture and when she turned back around, there was Brant, on bended knee with a custom platinum and diamond ring in his hand.

“I remember being completely surprised. He was so cute. It was utterly perfect because it was just me and him, in one of my favorite places on earth,” said Jess.

Their engagement began with a romantic glamping excursion under the stars.

Navigating the Unexpected

Brant and Jess planned to have a secret garden-themed wedding on June 20th, 2020 in the open-air pavilion of the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, but news of the pandemic changed everything.

“We made a list of the first three reasons why we were getting married and what mattered most to us. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Brant and that’s what it was all about for us,” said Jess.

They decided to keep their original date but to have an intimate backyard ceremony followed by a 25-person reception in Saratoga.

“I could not have done with it without family. Essentially, we put it together in a month.”

The wedding shower, bachelorette, and bachelor parties were cancelled. Jess had already purchased a lacy open-back dress with cap sleeves and found a local tailor to make the alterations. Her aunt, Lisa Kerby, gifted her embroidered white masks for the ladies and the men wore blue masks to match their suits.

Outdoor chairs were set up in Brant’s grandmothers backyard, in Ballston Spa. An archway was built, and an isle was made from white rocks collected during a previous trip to Cape Cod.

After the ceremony, which was officiated by Brant’s Uncle Benny, Jess and Brant left for the reception and were surprised to see Brant’s family lining both sides of the street to wish them well while staying socially distant.

“I was sobbing, I was so excited, it was so good to see everyone,” said Jess.

Let Love Grow

At the reception, antique mirrors, lettered by Jess’ sister, Emily Wood, and placed on her grandmother’s painting easel, welcomed guests. Place settings were made from lettered leaves pinned to cloth napkins. There was a symbolic planting of a Calamondin tree and packets of seeds given out as favors with the message, “Let Love Grow.”

After the reception, Brant and Jessica rode off in a loaned Camaro to spend their wedding night at The Springwater Bed and Breakfast on George Street.

“They were incredible. It was safe, clean and they served an amazing breakfast,” said Jess.

Today, Jessica is left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the experience, and especially for Brant’s mother, Linda.

“I couldn’t be more incredibly grateful to have family come together during the pandemic, for Linda’s help with everything and for hosting when everything was getting cancelled and we were so isolated. With everything that we’ve been through, to be able to move forward, be optimistic, and be able to start our life together - that’s what we were aiming for.”

Our Story:

Brant and I grew up in towns next to one another, Brant in Ballston Spa and myself in Saratoga Springs. We never met in high school, even when I worked with his little sister one summer. A mutual family friend had given me Brant's contact information when she found out I was moving to Ithaca for graduate school, but I chickened out and never called him. We finally met when I was contracted to work an athletic event at Cornell University. Needless to say, on our first date, the server came over about 5 times before we knew what we wanted to eat because we had so much in common.

About a year into dating, Brant was diagnosed with a Chordoma and required brain surgery to remove the tumor. His surgery went really well and he continues to have healthy scans every year. Much to both our surprise after having overcome this obstacle, I required open heart surgery the following year to repair a poorly working valve, a complication of Tetralogy of Fallot that I was born with. Our relationship went through many tests during these years and our love for one another only grew. Brant and I moved to Providence, RI where we both still live today so that I could go to PA school.

We planned a whirlwind camping tour of several National parks during my two week break during graduate school. Brant knocked his proposal out of the park by getting down on one knee at the top the West Rim trail in Zion National Park. I was completely surprised and couldn't have been more excited that it happened at my favorite place on earth.

We had originally planned to get married in Ithaca, but when Covid19 hit, our plans were derailed. We had set a date 2 years after our engagement because I wanted to complete my graduate degree and have time to save for our wedding. After surveying all the information we had in May of 2020, we had a feeling the pandemic was going to be around for awhile and we didn't want to wait any longer to get married! What was important was our love for one another. Thankfully our family was supportive and quickly put their heads together to make it happen. We had the ceremony in his Grandma's backyard on Columbia Ave and walked down the street to have dinner under a family owned tent in his parent's backyard. I couldn't be more grateful for our family and friends who came together to give us a phenomenal wedding. Due to the safety restrictions at the time we kept our guests to just immediate family and our wedding party. This was hard for us because our original objective was to spend our wedding with all our family and friends. However, I was brought to tears when Brant's extended family surprised us by lining the street to wave hello as we walked from the ceremony to our reception. We couldn't have had a better day and look forward to when we can celebrate with all of our family and friends.

The Details:

wedding date : June 20th, 2020

ceremony location: Columbia Ave, Ballston Spa

reception location: Hyde Blvd, Ballston Spa - Backyard Wedding

photographer: Zak Westbrook

event decorator : The bride, Jess 

wedding gownn: BHLDN

bridesmaids' dresses: Azazie

tuxedo and groomsmen clothing: Franklin Rogers Ltd

rings: The Jewelbox

flowers: Balet Flowers and Design

wedding planner: Family

hair: Meghan Flewwelling

caterer: The Brickyard

caterer: Jennifer Cline

dj: Playlist from Spotify and Kate

first dance "Our Love" by Gary Clark Jr.

honeymoon: TBD

micsellanious: Handmade center pieces and thank you's - my mom and sister were super helpful pulling together these last minute to-do's.
Linda and Jeff Gawrys who served all of our guests to limit contact and keep us all safe!

special touches... Linda Gawrys, Mother of the Groom baked her famous chocolate chip cookies, and my family friend Alice sent her renowned chocolate covered strawberries.
We stayed at The Springwater Inn, which was absolutely incredible. The DiCarlo's had great protocols to keep the guests safe and comfortable.  Our room was beautiful, clean, and spaceious. This was super important given we were traveling and getting married in a pandemic

advice to pass along... Always remember what is most important to you. What is your ultimate goal, not just for the wedding but for your life with your significant other? And be optimistic. While we had to make some sacrifices, I got to marry my best friend in the middle of a pandemic!! I will always remember my first dance, walking down the street waving to everyone who had come out to celebrate us and being pleasantly surprised by the advantages of a small intimate wedding.

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Jenna & Kareem

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Everyone has a story, this is ours.

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Emily & Caroline

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Everyone has a story, this is ours.

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Shelby and Morgan

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Everyone has a story, this is ours.

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Eric & James - Our Story

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Everyone has a story, this is ours.

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Lauren & John - Our Story

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John and I first met playing recreational indoor soccer in 2009. When we ended up on the same team, we spent more time together each week after the games ended. He told me he loved me after three weeks and said he would marry me someday. I didn't believe him. 

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Erin Kirkpatrick & Jay Fish

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Bride's Name

Erin Kirkpatrick

Where is the bride from?

Saratoga Springs, NY

Parents of the Bride

John and Sharon Kirkpatrick

Groom's Name

Jay Fish

Where is the groom from?

Hannibal, NY

Parents of the groom


When is the wedding?


Where is the wedding (city and venue)?

Stone Bridge Farms, Schylerville NY


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